About Us

History of City UC

City University (City U) (or formerly known as Unity College International) was founded in April 1984 by a group of scholars with extensive experience in both local public universities and reputable overseas universities. Registered with the Ministry of Higher Education under the former Education Act 1961, City U was known then as the Petaling Jaya Community College (PJCC). It was established at a time when there was a growing awareness that it was necessary for the private sector to complement the national education effort. Its aim item was to equip high school leavers with extensive academic exposure to the American degree system moderated by the Consortium of American Universities and Colleges (CAUC).

This was done through a biennial meeting in the United States. Since 1984, PJCC has successfully transferred over 20 batches of students to more than 100 universities and colleges throughout the United States, with many gaining places into the Ivy League universities for degrees in engineering (electrical, civil, mechanical and computer), journalism, business administration, finance, banking, accounting, marketing, insurance, economics, information systems, computer science, psychology, pharmacy, music and TESL. Although there were several private higher institutions in Malaysia, PJCC was the pioneer in the field for preparing students for transfer to the American universities. The University College was acquired by the Selia Group in 1998 as part of the company's desire to be a responsible corporate citizen. Under the new management, City U extended its international education cooperation with universities from England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, United States, Indonesia and several Malaysian public universities to cater for the expanding demand for higher education.

About CAN

Alumni City U Malaysia is established in August 2013. In 2015, City Alumni Network (CAN) is a new name for the Society. This Society is welcomed for all past graduates, post graduates and undergraduates. City Alumni Network (CAN) relates all graduates with all activities, events, faculty, and as a platform in exchanging the information and knowledge. Also acknowledge parents with all the updates activities and events held. Besides, CAN also encourage students to improve themselves with joining the committees, acknowledge and offering them about the internship programmes, about reunion, mentoring students, sitting on career panels and much more.

CAN’s registered place is at City University, No 8, Jalan 51A/223, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor or such other place as may time to time be decided by the Management Commitee and shall not be change without prior approval of the Register of Societies. e-mail to alumni@city.edu.my to send any enquiries or any suggestions in improving CAN and the e-mail address may be changed from time to time as decided by the Commitee.

Aims and Objectives

This Society is established to foster lifelong relationship between the institutions and its graduates and be a tool for networking amongst them..

The objectives;

  • To foster closer relationship among alumni
  • To ensure the welfare and interest of the alumni is always guarded
  • To promote and enhance the social, cultural, sporting, economics and other activities among alumni
  • To promote, expand and deepen international understanding and goodwill for graduates
  • To promote lifelong learning and upgrading of the professional skills of alumni
  • To establish strategic alliances between alumni and other notable societies for mutual benefits
  • To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise, land, buildings, and any moveable and immovable properties
  • for any of the objects of the Society
  • To sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose of or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Society
  • To borrow and rise and to invest in any monies of the Society not immediately required for any of its objects
  • in such manner as the Society may from time to time think fit.


"Developing Students for an Enriching Life in a Complex World"

The Society will serve as a platform of bringing all of past graduates, post graduates and undergraduates of City Alumni Network (CAN) under an association where sharing and networking can be established.


  • A sense of belonging and responsibility to share their life experience after graduation as a supplementary knowledge to the current students.
  • Establishing a network of past graduates in elevating their economic value and also bridging the gap for current students between college knowledge and the real world. The establishment of Alumni website link within the City U main website for member’s interaction.
  • As part of continuing studies whereby their knowledge and skills are being shared to the learning institution that has provided them the knowledge and skills.